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8 Ways to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

If your website is failing to receive the online spotlight, it’s time to invest in quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a strategy that, when carried out properly, can skyrocket your website rankings on search engines such as Google. In order to grow your organic traffic on Google, you need to understand SEO. SEO takes into account factors such as page performance, backlinks, content quality, and mobile-friendliness when the algorithm decides where to rank your website in the results of a search query. But, how do you meet the right criteria to be ranked well on Google? In addition, what are some ways to improve your Google Search Ranking? Keep reading to find out below.

8 Ways to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

1. Perform Keyword Research

What specific wording might an internet user type into Google to find your products or services? Be mindful to consider everything your business offers, and research the keywords you come up with. The end goal of keyword research is to figure out how to successfully incorporate these specific keywords into your website content. This way, Google can recognize the relevance between your site and a user-generated search query, resulting in a high search engine ranking.

Ways to Improve Your Google Search Ranking2. Create High-Quality Keyword Content

To maximize SEO, Google recommends creating content that's original, useful, and easy for internet users to read. Additionally, Google makes it very clear: write content for humans, not for SEO. Your content should seem natural – verbally humanlike, even – so that adding in your keywords doesn’t seem forced. With this balance of pleasing both internet users and search engine criteria with your content, your website will thrive.

3. Incorporate On-page SEO Into Your Website

On-page SEO is a simple term for optimizing different elements of your website pages to better your site’s overall ranking. These webpage elements consist of title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, headings and subheadings, internal links, and more. Slipping your primary and secondary keywords into these elements of your website is like tapping Google on the shoulder and saying, “Come check me out!”

4. Invest in the Technical Improvement of Your Site

Without a technically efficient site, Google can’t “crawl” your site, meaning it can’t index your content and rank your website. It’s crucial to have your site audited 2-4 times each year. The audit will show you the “crawlability” of your site – as well as any issues that need to be addressed. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your site pages load quickly and effectively. Making your website more user-friendly improves your ranking abilities.

5. Work on Your Backlinks

Your site receives a “backlink” when your own website link appears on a page of another website. Backlinks are crucial for SEO and Google rankings. However, they can be hard to get. The most common way to gain backlinks is to reach out to other companies through an outreach campaign, asking if they’d be willing to link to your site. You can also get backlinks by:

  • Being featured in another website's editorial
  • Writing an article for another website
  • Discovering mentions of your company or brand on an external site and simply asking to be linked

6. Track Your SEO Performance

Tracking your SEO performance is vitally important to your ranking success. Doing so allows you to make sure your current strategy is working, giving you opportunities to readjust and improve. With an online performance tracker, you’ll be able to see the statistics of your keyword rankings in addition to your organic searches.

7. Create a Google Business Profile

A Google Business profile gives you control of how your business appears across all Google platforms, such as Google Search and Google Maps. When searched locally, a Google Business page puts your website in favor of the ranking hierarchy. Ensure that all of your contact information, addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours are complete and accurate. In addition, craft a detailed business description that mentions all your key services and search terms for your site. If your Google Business page has many positive reviews, this will better your chances of improving your site ranking. All Google Business profiles include a website link, which gives you an easy backlink from a trusted source!

8. Don’t Hesitate to Call the Professionals

The world of SEO and Google rankings is more than a few website tweaks and keyphrases. There’s a lot that plays into the success of your online presence. For fast, efficient Google ranking improvement, Interactive ID is here to help. Our talented team takes pride in turning business goals into a reality. And it all starts with a simple phone call! Reach out to us today at (888) 623-1891 to start improving your website rankings on Google.