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How Can Google Analytics Help Your Business?

One of the biggest services we offer at Interactive ID is website design. Through a carefully detailed process involving the client and our creative team, we design and build a custom website to meet your business needs. But, what happens after your new website is live? You’ll need to track the site’s growth and success. To do that, we’ve found Google Analytics to be the most effective tool. How can Google Analytics help your business? Let’s look at the question.


How Can Google Analytics Help Your Business?


In this article, we’ll walk you through:

  • Several ways Google Analytics gives you a better overview of your website visitors
  • How that can help your business grow


Google Analytics:


1.    Tells You Who is Visiting Your Site

Knowing the demographics of your site’s visitors can help you in several different ways. For example, Google Analytics gives us geographical data on where your traffic is coming from.

Let’s say you’ve sent a postcard to several specific areas in the city. The postcard’s focus is to drive traffic to the website, promising a special promotion or discount. Using Google Analytics, we can track precisely where the traffic is coming from. This can help you determine if you should mail to that area in the future.



2.    Suggests Improvements You Can Make

Google Analytics provides a massive amount of data, giving us visibility regarding what works well (and not-so-well) on your site. Among other things, it lets us track the number of visits made to each page of your website, as well as the time spent on each page. Google Analytics can also provide a detailed list of the most popular words and phrases on your site. Knowing what your visitors are searching tells us how to retool your web content to inform customers and meet their needs.



3.    Shows How Your Website is Growing

In addition to demographics and usage data, Google Analytics allows us to track monthly hits and compare traffic throughout your site’s history. Over time, we can see which page helps most people find your website, which page they leave from, and allows us to list your most visited pages. This data helps us to show relevant information to your users – when and where they need it most.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool to track and understand your website traffic. It can help your users to truly benefit from your site content. And, as a result, you may reach more customers.

If you need help to set up Google Analytics for your company, feel free to call us at (423) 508-0251 or email info@interactiveidinc.com today. Together, we can help your business grow.