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Maximizing Search Phrases for Your Website

SEO is a competition between your business and every other relative company in your specific industry. In the eyes of internet users, it’s a search result ranking that sets a business apart from the others. The higher up your website ranks on Google, the more trustworthy and reliable your audience sees you. This means your audience is far more likely to purchase your products or services – all because of a search result ranking. SEO may seem like a time consuming, complicated business asset to keep up with. The easiest way to invest in a well-functioning SEO strategy is to focus on keywords and search phrases your website can rank for. Here are 5 tips for maximizing search phrases for your website.

When Maximizing Search Phrases for Your Website:

1. Relative Website Content

Every page on your website should be sprinkled with various keywords and phrases you want to rank highly for. Include the area you service and what you’re offering. If you own a vegan, non-toxic candle company in Chattanooga, you could use phrases like, “100% soy-based candles in Chattanooga”, “TN all-natural essential oil candles” or “Non-toxic vegan candles in Tennessee.” By having specific search phrases all throughout your website – especially the homepage – you’re telling Google that your content is relevant to what your company sells and where you’re located.

2. Hyperlinks

You can turn keywords or search phrases that are relevant to specific website pages into hyperlinks that lead to their specific pages. For example, the candle company owner may have a specific website page dedicated to seasonal candle collections. They could turn the homepage phrase, “Seasonal-themed vegan candle collection” into a hyperlink that would lead straight to the seasonal collection page.

3. Emphasis

Don’t be afraid to use bold or italic tools. When you emphasize important keywords or search phrases within your website content’s headings and subheadings, search engine bots are notified that the emphasized content may be more relevant than the non-emphasized content. That being said, don’t over-emphasize. Use it wisely.

4. Wisely Chosen Search Phrases

When you market your business under the terms and conditions of SEO, there are two types of search phrases to choose from: shorttail and longtail. Shorttails are basic search phrases that cover broad topics and can be difficult to rank for because of their simplicity and search traffic. Longtails are longer, more specific phrases that are easier to rank for, but get searched less frequently than shorttails. Having a balance of phrase options is ideal.

5. Marketing vs. Competition

Some businesses turn search phrases into their company name. Search phrases aren’t copyrighted, meaning you can use any relevant phrase you feel is best – company name or not. Let’s say there’s a competition company called Chattanooga Vegan Candles. Our candle company could use this competition company’s name as a search phrase. In SEO, it’s all about relevancy. If a search phrase is relevant, don’t shy away from using it. You’re not marketing your company for the competition. You’re marketing against them.


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