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Discovering the Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

Many business owners don’t realize how useful long-tail keywords can be for their website’s search ranking. Long-tail keywords are a large (but not often used) part of SEO and incorporating this tool into your company’s SEO strategy can make all the difference when it comes to ranking high and pulling in revenue.

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Company

As a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to promote your company online with social media. Luckily, there are a few specific ways to help you get started on your journey. Knowing how to use social media to promote your company online doesn’t take an advanced degree.

Improve Your Results With A/B Testing

Want to improve your marketing? One of the easiest ways is through A/B testing. This is a simple way that anyone can see on-going increases in the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. We all know that we want to see results from our advertising efforts. And we can spend a lot of time trying to understand the psychology of those we’re trying to market to. However, while understanding the thinking and the needs of prospective clients is still obviously important, the era of Big Data is increasing our ability to understand what encourages potential clients to do business with us. We can improve your results with A/B testing. It helps grow your ability to communicate with your clients in the most effective way.

What’s the Difference Between Boosted Posts and Ads?

In our last post[blog/why-is-my-companys-ad-not-showing-in-my-facebook-feed.html], we mentioned that Facebook boosted posts are different from “ads” because they’re not focused and optimized in the same way. However, we didn’t spend much time on the difference between boosted posts and ads. With this post, we hope to explain more about how boosted posts and ads differ. In addition, we’d like to give you a few criteria to use when deciding which to choose for your business. Keep reading to take the guesswork out of Facebook post promotion.

Why Is My Company’s Ad Not Showing in My Facebook Feed?

We recently had a client send us a few images of competitor company ads he was seeing in his Facebook feed. Naturally, he was concerned and wanted to know why his company wasn’t showing at the top. After answering, we realized that it’s a common question. “Why is my company’s ad not showing at the top of my Facebook feed?” Keep reading for our analysis.
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