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How are SEO and Local SEO Different?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and local SEO are vital strategies you can use to benefit your business. Whether you have a physical location or are solely online, these tactics can help promote your products and services while driving potential customers to your website. However, the difference between local SEO and national SEO is important to understand before you start.

What is a Mission Statement (and Why Do You Need One)?

When you start a new business, the first thing you have to think about is your mission statement. However, you'll have a crucial question to figure out the answer to: What is a mission statement, anyways? We'll intend to answer that question with this article.

Why Does Branding Matter for Small Businesses?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Unfortunately, many small businesses overlook this, as they consider themselves as only a business rather than a brand. In the business industry, “brands” are considered to be large, corporate companies with million-dollar revenues. Any business can become a brand, and it’s crucial for small businesses to take advantage of this opportunity in order to reap its many benefits. Here are 5 reasons why branding matters for small businesses.

Maximizing Search Phrases for Your Website

SEO is a competition between your business and every other relative company in your specific industry. In the eyes of internet users, it’s a search result ranking that sets a business apart from the others. The higher up your website ranks on Google, the more trustworthy and reliable your audience sees you. This means your audience is far more likely to purchase your products or services – all because of a search result ranking. SEO may seem like a time consuming, complicated business asset to keep up with. The easiest way to invest in a well-functioning SEO strategy is to focus on keywords and search phrases your website can rank for. Here are 5 tips for maximizing search phrases for your website.

Discovering the Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

Many business owners don’t realize how useful long-tail keywords can be for their website’s search ranking. Long-tail keywords are a large (but not often used) part of SEO and incorporating this tool into your company’s SEO strategy can make all the difference when it comes to ranking high and pulling in revenue.
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